Friday, June 4, 2010

Bubbles, Babies, and Books

A Mommy's Adventures is a great site for ideas of projects to do with books. She has a link called stART (story + art). She posts stories that she has read her kids + an art project to go with the story. Then, she lets other people link their stART projects for the week. So not only do you have one great project to choose from, you might have 20!! One stop shopping folks!

So, we did our first stART project this week. We read "Bubble Trouble" by Margaret Mahy. It's the story of a young girl named Mabel who blows a bubble that captures her baby brother. Baby floats through the town in the bubble with all the towns people wondering how to bring the baby down! It had a lot of alliteration -- and was somewhat lengthy-- but overall the boys liked it. If you are going to read it aloud, you might want to practice first. I'm not kidding. "But then she bellowed, Gracious, Grevelle, and she groveled on the gravel." Yep, gotta practice that!

After reading the story, we made a bubble painting.
First we stuck white circle labels on blue paper. Logan is 2 and fascinated with stickers.
Then we added glue on top of the circles.
We sprinkled glitter on top and voila, glittery bubbles.

Since there was a baby in the story, we had to do an activity with our baby, Tyson, too.
I made these exploratory bags for both boys. These were for Logan:

They are filled with liquid soap and hair gel. He could squeeze them and see bubbles form and pop!
These were for Tyson:

I put tiny objects that I don't want in his tiny mouth in the bag, added water, and taped it closed. He could push the bag and watch the items move all around. (I got this idea from my Parents as Teachers Educator).

Of course, we had to make a book, too. We made a bubble counting book using the same white circle stickers!


  1. Love the exploratory bags, I might just need to do this too :)
    I like listening to other people who aren't as practiced read books like this aloud (like my hubby), makes me giggle ;-)

  2. LOL, Sela. My 2 yo old insisted that my hubs read this book last night! ;)

  3. I love this book but I like this idea even better. I am having a lot of fun looking around your blog. It's so nice to meet another mum passionate about children and reading :)