Dinosaur Board Book

Do you have a little reader in your life who loves dinosaurs? My oldest nephew is obsessed with dinosaurs. Which means, his younger cousin Logan has suddenly taken an interest in dinosaurs as well. I recently found a dinosaur board book for a quarter at a used book sale. I knew we had to explore it. I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur was such an artistic book about dinosaurs. We decided our book activities should also be a free artistic exploration of dinosaurs.
I Dreamt I Was a Dinosaur
I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur  is an easy to handle board book. Each page features a different dinosaur and names it alliteratively, for example, the Stegosaurus is named “Sammy Stegosaurus.” There is somewhat of a story line but it’s pretty weak. According to the book, “The illustrations were prepared in antique fabrics and felt with sequins, buttons, beads, and assorted bric-a-brac.” Which would be completely awesome… if you could actually feel that. However, I guess it was too costly to mass produce books with antique fabric and  bric-a-brac. (I love that word). So the book is just pictures of those things. I really wanted Logan to get an opportunity to actually FEEL some of those different textures. Out of that brainstorm of mine, our art project for the week was born.
We started by creating an empty book using file folders.
On each page of the book, I had drawn a dinosaur. Nope, I’m not an artist. 😉
Logan and I colored each dinosaur. (He insisted, “Momma color.” He’s the oldest kid, and very bossy!)
Then we glued in all sorts of stuff: Foamie shapes, yarn for tree trunks and “water”, beans for rocks, buttons, felt, we even used some netting stuff that came in the packaging  of a toy that our friend, Nathan, brought to our playdate to make dragonflies like the ones in the book!
Our book doesn’t have any antique fabrics but I think it’s a wonderful 2 year old piece of art!

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