Playdate ideas

I try to help my children learn something new every day. Just because we are learning, however, doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. In fact, we often use play time as our learning opportunities. Playtime and play dates can be great ways to help your early readers continue their reading all summer long. All of these activities can be done in a playgroup or just with your child at home as an extension of the book.
Some examples of  books that can be extended into playtime/ play dates are:
  1.  Car Wash Playdate:  Read: The Scrubbly Bubbly Car Wash invite your friends over to wash their riding toys.
  2. Parade Playdate: Read: Parade make a parade out of decorated riding toys. (You could combine this with the car wash play date).
  3. Dinosaur Playdate: Read: Sammy and The Dinosaurs . Give children buckets of dinosaurs and let them wash their dinosaurs.
  4. Dress Up Playdate: Read Fancy Nancy. Use these downloadable paper dolls and play paper dolls. You could also provide dress ups for the children or have a tea party!
  5. Superhero playdate: Read Spiderman books from the Harper Collins I Can Read Series. Have friends over to play with action figures or dress up as superheros. Dramatic play is wonderful for early literacy development.


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    These are great ideas! =)

    Just wanted you to know I tried your sensory water bag idea and we all loved it! I’m posting about it and linking up to you on 7-3. Thanks so much for sending that idea my way! Baby N can’t stop touching it. Please send any other fun things that you guys love my way!