Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thought for Thursday: Avoiding the Slide!

I recently read this on a friend's FB status:
enjoying summer break until the dreaded summer reading list and activity sheet
was mentioned to my daughter... now it's water works and arguing... ugh.

I don't know the back story on this child but I do know that any time reading books makes a child cry, it makes my heart hurt! I know teachers are put under a great deal of pressure to achieve high test scores. I know that "research" shows that children forget a great deal over summer break. I know that many people, parents, teachers, legislatures are concerned about the "summer slide" -- or the loss of knowledge during the summer break. So I just gotta know...
Is the "summer slide" fact or fiction?
Is your child participating in any summer learning activities? Are they required by school or voluntary?
What kinds of things are you doing to keep your child engaged in learning without burnout or "water works"?

PS. I wrote this post at the request of my sister, Julie. My sister who is beach side in Hawaii. My sister who is probably NOT reading my blog this week BECAUSE she is beach side in Hawaii... without her kids. Lucky!
PPS. I know it's Friday... but my durn cute boys took up all my time yesterday!

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