Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thought for Thursday: Reading Rituals

What reading rituals do you have with your babies? Do you read in a particular place or at a particular time? Is there anything you do that makes reading time extra special for your child?


  1. We normally read a few books before nap and bedtime. We sit in her rocker in her room. Lately though, she has wanted to start to "read" the books to me. So I am teacher her to tell a story by the pictures. She loves it!!!
    I started doing this ritual so that I knew I was getting in atleast 6 books a day. Then throughout the day we read a few books here and there in different places so that it is not only referenced to sleeping.

  2. We read before bedtime w/ all the kids. It used to be that they would sit w/ me. Either on my lap or just sitting right by me. But now that we have 4 (and a couple of them get a little crazy at bed time) They have to sit on their beds while I stand and hold the book so they can see the pictures. Not as warm and cozy as it used to be but it works... But during "School time" each kid gets one on one time w/ mom and a book or two. I love that time of the day!

  3. Holly, Thanks for sharing how to fit in reading when you have multiple families! It's good for other moms to realize it is possible.... of course, you're like SUPER MOM!! Anyway, I'm so glad you checked out my blog. I saw a new follower named "Holly" but thought she looked brunette??? That couldn't be my college roomie could it???? :)