Friday, June 11, 2010

Thought for Thursday

Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)
"Welcome to the Future"... I have a Brad Paisley song floating through my head as I write this. This week I'm thinking about e-books and how they will affect our children's experiences with books. I'm not hip on the techno stuff (even though my husband is a "computer geek"-- that's his job, so he shys away from it at home :) So, here's what I want to know... do any of you use e-books with your kids? Are they audio books or print/audio? Do you use kindle, ipod/ phone, your pc, something else? AND... whether you are using e-books or not with your kids, what do you think of the e-book for children?
I'll start and tell you, I don't currently use e-books with my kids. Mostly due to the not being hip on stuff. And I don't know what I think about it, but I plan to do a little research and update in about a week!


  1. There is a good balance between using e-books and reading with an actual book. Children are so drawn to computers because they see everyone around them using them. They are curious and anything they do on the computer is going to play a part in their growth as a student. There are so many interactive story websites are available online. As a kindergarten teacher, my favorite is It is a website geared to beginning readers. Another good one is Children's Storybooks Online. Online books should never replace the real thing, they just enhance it!
    I can't think of another one I use at school, it is a great one for comprehension. I will post it once I figure it out!

  2. Emily, I wish you could be MY kid's kindergarten teacher some day! You rock! I hadn't made the connection between starfall and e-books but I let Logan "look" at starfall sometimes and he does LOVE it! Good connect. Thanks for sharing.