Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Review: Just me and my dad

The first Christmas that Greg and I were parents, I was all geared up to go Christmas shopping for our sweet little six month old baby boy. And by "shopping" I mean, take Greg around to all of the places that I had already picked out educational, fun, or just plain cute toys and let Greg fork out the cash. On the way to the toy store we had the following conversation,
Me: What do you want to get Logan for Christmas? (please ignore the obsessive online shopping I've already done and the list I have of "age appropriate" toys in my hand)
Greg: I'm going to get him a book.
Me (Mouth dropped): A book? Really? Which one? (This man could not pick out a book. I'm the one with the degree in BOOKS. What if he picked out something with bad text layout or confusing pictures. All of my hard work...)
Greg: The book I liked when I was a kid.
Me: You only liked ONE book?
Greg: Pretty Much.
Well, Christmas morning rolled around and there under the tree was one perfectly wrapped book size present. (Yes, in my house my hubs actually wraps better than me.)
Inside the present? This little book
:Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter) (Look-Look)
 In Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer, Little Critter and Dad head out on a full night of camping fun. (Leaving mom behind, loooove it!). They experience all of the joys of camping: picking out a campsite, fishing, cooking out dinner, and sleeping in tent as well as the evils of camping: sharing the campsite with snakes, tipping the boat, having a bear steal your dinner, and sleeping in a tent! It's an action packed night of daddy bonding!
One look at the cover of the book, and you'll know why my husband loved this-he's a full fledged fisherman! And.. turns out fisherman-daddy-who-only-read-one-book-when-he-was-little is quite capable of picking out a book that:
  •  has pictures that support and even enhance the text. And there are hidden extras-- like tiny spiders hiding on every page.
  • has text that is simple enough for a toddler to understand yet makes a great early reading book. it grows with your child.
  • has a highly motivating topic (as do all of the Little Critter books).
Greg has read this story many times with Logan. He also reads and reads and reads book after book after book after book to our kid. He usually does it joyfully (Although, he other day I did hear him using his "mean daddy" voice, "NO! I Won't read a bookt. I want to play ball!" While our kid whined and tried to get daddy to read the 100th book of the day!) So, shout out to my husband for being the best daddy ever. For not only wrestling with your boys, taking them to the creek and teaching them to catch crawdads, and playing hide and seek but also for being a daddy who will read to them.
Do your kids have any stories they share with Dad? Or do you have any stories that remind you of your father? Let's share!

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