Game for Learning Letters

When children are venturing into early literacy, they may have very few known letters — or no known letters at all.  Learning letters can happen very naturally. As children explore books, caregivers can talk to them about letters they see. Children can explore the letters in their own name. When children begin writing letters, adults can point out those letters and talk about them.  Sometimes, parents and teachers may choose to work on letter knowledge in isolation.  I recently created a letter game for Logan that helped him begin to explore letters and work on 1:1 match.

Activity: 1:1 muffin tin match

  • Magnetic letters
  • Muffin Tin
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Turn a muffin tin over. Give your child the same number of letters as there are muffin cups. Have your child place one letter on each muffin cup. You can say the names of the letters or if they are known to your child have the child say the names. You can also practice directionality by modeling how to place the letters on the muffin cups moving from left to right, top to bottom.
Another variation is to have your child sort all of the letters of the same color in a given row.

With a common household item, and a few magnetic letters, you can create a hands on game for learning letters.