iLove Letters: Magnetic Letter Sorts

There are many ways for your child to sort magnetic letters:

  • Sort by color.
  • Sort by feature (curves, slants, sticks or short, tall letters)
  • Sort out one particular letter (ie. put several “e”s in with a group of letters. Have your child pull out all of the letters.)
  • Match uper- case and lower case letters
  • Open sort: Give the child a group of magnetic letters, ask the child to sort the letters into groups and explain the grouping.

Have your child work toward doing the sorts quickly. The quicker they can distinguish the visual features in letters, the more it will help them in text. Have them do the same sort several times. Say, “Can you do again? Do it faster.” Generally they like this challenge.
Most of these ideas came from my notes from my Reading Recovery Training Year.)