Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iLove Letters: Working with KNOWN letters

  1. Place 6 known letters at the top of an easel or cookie sheet. Have your child pull down the letters (moving from left to right) and name them. Have them repeat and do it faster.
  2. Model tracing over a magnetic letter as you describe the path of movement. For example: For the letter h you would say, "dow....n, up, and over"-stretch your voice to coordinate with the construction of the letter.
  3. Have your child trace over the letter and describe the path of movement. (You may have to guide your child's hand).
  4. Write the letter on an easel in dry erase marker (in large print), describe the path of movement for the child.
  5. Allow the child to "erase" the letter on the easel by moving his finger over the letter that was written in dry erase marker. Have the child describe the path of movement.
  6. Have the child write the letter on an easel and describe the path of movement.
  7. Write the letter using water and a paintbrush on a chalkboard or outside (like on the driveway). Describe the path of movement.
  8. Have the child copy the letter that you wrote. Can she do it before the water dries on your copy?
Why are we doing all of this with KNOWN letters?
Children need to be able to look at print and notice the features of the individual letters quickly. As your child progresses, you can start introducing one new letter at a time in with the known letters in these activities.


  1. Jackie,

    I've used many of these tips as a mom who home schools her children and they are wonderful! My youngest son is now to the point where he is ready to learn more than sight words and delve into the world of reading.

    You've done a great job with posting all sorts of information here, and for that I am nominating you for the "Versatile Blogger Award!"

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  8. I love these ideas, my daughter knows all her letters by sight, and can write most letters but she forms them in a non-standard way. I think I'll make more of an effort to get her forming them the 'right' way before she starts kindergarten next year.