Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Review: The one where you do all the work for me!

I'm not writing a book review this weekend. So, the 2(?) of you who get your remarkable reviews here, you'll just have to wander elsewhere for information this weekend.... only don't wander too far. And please come back, k? Because I love my readers. I honestly love them.
In fact, I love my readers so much, I'm going to let you do my review for me this weekend. I need suggestions, I need recomendations, I'm pleading for some help here. At some point in the near future, I need to potty train my kid and I have (Don't tell my two year old!)
Recently, he's been showing a lot of those "signs of readiness" that the doctor told me about at his two year check-up. The problem? I'm not showing my signs of readiness. I haven't read any books on toilet training. I haven't read any websites. I don't have a plan of action. And that, my dear friends, is not like me at all. Also, I was "ready" to start toilet training after I had weaned my baby- cause, um, yeah, how do you spend time encouraging your two year old to sit on the pot, while feeding the baby at the same time???? I'm also not "ready" in that I don't have any of the "gear". Lately you can find me wandering the aisles of the baby section at the store. There are so many options: underwear, training pants, lined training pant thing-a-ma-bobs, pull-ups. Do I buy it all? Do I buy none of it and let him run around free as the breeze????
What books or other resources did you use to prepare you to potty train your child? What books did you use to prepare your child for potty training?
So, if you can write some reviews for me, I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. I'll stop now because that book, gives me the shakes!


  1. Well, I just potty trained my daughter and she was my first one. I am also like you and I am a born researcher, I want to read everything about a subject when I am going through it. But I didn't do that with the potty training because it happened so suddenly. Trust me, I have a one month old and I was breastfeeding so I had the same qualms as you. But now I know that if they are truly ready then it will be so easy. I knew that it was finally time when she took off her diaper and started wiping herself. I mean, if you can change your own diaper, its time to get potty trained lol. I didn't want to do the pull-ups because to me that was just a diaper. Then I tried underwear and she went in all 3 pairs that I had so I didn't have anymore clean so I let her go barebottomed. Then that did the trick. I mean she really didn't like having her stuff coming out all over the place. I also used lots of praise, some stickers, and some dancing. But I think you are going to find that there are thousands of different ways and philosophies on how to potty-train. So just try one and if that doesn't work, try another!

  2. I am really interested in finding any potty training books! My boy is 2 y/o and even though he is ready he is a bit scared of the potty. I really don't know what to do. I will be checking back to see what books are recommended!!


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  3. I've potty trained two boys now, I'll admit, the second one was easier because he wanted to be like his big brother.

    For our oldest son, I tried everything. We tried the following books:

    Everyone Poops (

    It's a cute book, but I'll admit it did nothing more than cause hysterical laughter to sound from my husband and I as we tried to read it. It does offer pictures, text like, "A mouse makes tiny poop" and so forth. I'm assuming it would work if you have a child who is afraid to poop on the potty.

    Once Upon A Potty (Boys edition):

    "Once Upon A Potty" was written by a mother as she potty trained her children and I know many parents who used it. Our pediatrician recommended the book to us as a tool to help our oldest son with potty training. The author uses "wee-wee" and "poo-poo" in the book, but also recommends parents read the book with their children and develop their own words if it helps. I'll admit, it helped some, but we had to use other...erm...creative ideas. =)

    We bought a package of "big boy" underwear and pull-ups. He used the pull-ups at night and the underwear during the day, and we would let him go naked at times as well. Be prepared for accidents, be prepared to do a lot of laundry, and most of all be prepared for one stop forward and two steps back. In the end it took a combination of books (Once Upon A Potty mainly), videos (Elmo potty video, and Bear in the Big Blue House Potty video), and the creative idea from mommy to sit my son's favorite stuffed animal on the potty to show him how his "Pooh-Bear" uses the potty too.

    With the stuffed animal thing, I actually sat the bear on the potty, and used a small cup to pour water from behind the bear so my son could see him going "pee-pee." My son asked if Pooh bear had to poop, and luckily I came prepared with raisins. I dropped a few, again from behind the stuffed animal and showed my son how pooh bear poops. After that, my son wanted to potty and so did Pooh Bear!

    In the end, the best advice is to keep calm, don't be afraid to use creative ideas and use various techniques. Don't rely on just one thing as it will most likely take a tool box full of things to get a child potty trained. =)

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  4. I was going to mention Once Upon a Potty and Everyone Poops, but I can see someone else beat me to it. LOL They might be two you "love to hate."

    I actually got tips and tricks online at BabyCenter and Pampers. My first daughter was actually pretty easy to train. She was an only child for almost 6 years and she followed me everywhere, so she just learned by going to the potty with me. ;0) She would come to me and ask me for a pull-up when she had to poop for a month or so because she didn't like to poop on the potty at first. Pee was no problem at all. She was completely trained (day and night) by her 3rd birthday.

    Now I'm trying to train my second daughter, who is only 24 months older than my third daughter. Big difference! Nursing a newborn has put potty training on hold for the last year so I haven't even begun trying to train until now. I really hate potty chairs -- I think it's easier to get one of those potty seat things that fit over the real toilet so they don't fall in, but they're actually going on the real toilet. Pull-ups have worked well for us, but I don't know about boys.

    Can you enlist your husband to take him to the potty so it becomes a "guy thing" and possibly more interesting that way? I've heard that treats and stickers work, but we haven't gone that route yet.

    Good luck!

  5. P.S. I meant to say that like reading, they'll only do it when they're ready! LOL If things aren't going well, just take a break and come back to it in a few days (or a few weeks or months). ;0)