Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach Activities for Babies

We've been busy at the beach this week. Actually, we've been at home this week, but we've been pretending to be at the beach. My oldest has been enjoying activities from our preschool beach unit. However, I didn't want my littlest one to be left out of the beach fun. I've been collecting books for babies about the beach. I've been letting him feel some of the textures he would feel at the beach. We've been using beach towels to build up muscles for crawling. I've even let him look at fish in his wave bottle for babies. There are lots of activities for babies that you can do with a beach theme.

Sensory Activities for Babies

Beach Texture Activities for Babies

While reading beach books, you might want to let your baby "lay out". Try letting your baby feel some of the textures he might experience at the beach.
Let your baby feel a beach towel.
activities for babies, beach unit

Let your baby lay on a vinyl tablecloth

activities for babies, beach unit

Let your baby feel  a grass mat (to imitate the rough feeling of sand)-ok. I can't find my grass mat anywhere so this activity was a bust at our house but I'm including it anyway. I know I had one that I used with Logan when he was learning to crawl on different surfaces. A textured placemat works well too.

** This would also be a great activity for crawlers or new walkers to let them experience moving on a variety of textures**

Beach Towel Roll for Babies

The beach towel roll  is a great exercise for learning to crawl. Roll a beach towel up and tie with string or ribbon. Put baby on tummy and place the beach towel under his arms. Get behind the baby and roll him back and forth. As you roll him, he will move his arms. This is great practice for isolating the movement of each arm.
activities for babies, teach your baby to crawl

Beach Sensory Activity: Wave Bottle

Your baby might want something stimulating to look at while doing tummy time. Why not create a ocean scene for him to enjoy?

Fill an empty plastic bottle with sand, blue water, and anything you want to float around in the water (we used foam fish). Glue around the top before placing the cap back on.
activities for babies, beach sensory bottle

activities for babies, wave bottle

And yes, he smiles like that all day! (I am blessed, truly)
If you'd like some books about the beach to read with your baby, here are a few of our favorites. These are Amazon affiliate links.


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