Tuesday, August 17, 2010

StART: Eric Carle Art

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?
Yes! A Kangaroo has a mother just like me and you
This book by Eric Carle was the inspiration for our StART project this week.  What I loved about our stART project this week, was that it was completely child directed. After reading this story and seeing Carle's amazing illustrations, Logan said, "Momma, I want to paint." So we created a crazy, messy painting

 which actually doesn't look that much different than Carle's backgrounds in this book.

 I think children like his artwork so much because they can relate to it.
While painting, Logan said, "Momma, I want to make an animal." So, I got out the book, and we browsed and he decided to make a kangaroo.
Eric Carle creates all of his artwork as collages. I wanted Logan to get to experiment with this medium. So we dug out my old scrapbooking scraps and tore the paper up while the paint dried. (I even let Tyson play with the baggie of torn paper. He was quite fascinated!)

Later that afternoon, we stuck the torn paper onto a piece of contact paper to create a kangaroo. It totally looks like a dinosaur and not like a kangaroo.

We own many of the Eric Carle books (we actually don't own this one, just borrowed it from the library).  B I wanted to feature this one this week for back to school. This book has a very repetative text and a very repetative text layout. The text is always on the left side of the page. The question is repeated, "Does a kangaroo/lion/bear, etc have a mother, too? Yes, a kangaroo/lion/bear, etc has a mother just like me and you." While this constant repetition may seem ridiculous to parents, it is SO beneficial to new readers for many reasons. One of those benefits is introducing SIGHT WORDS. Many of your kids are going to be expected to learn certain words by sight this school year. This book uses many of those words over and over and over (does, a, have, too, yes, has, just, like, me, and, you.) Repeated readings would give your child numerous opportunities to practice locating those words as well as help your reader notice how those words are used in text. The text could also be written onto long strips of paper and then cut out for the child to put back in order. This task would require the child to attend to the sight words that he or she knows. The repetative verse is beneficial for many other early literacy skills (developing print awareness/concepts, joining in on reading or "pretend reading", and many more.) We will probably have to add this Eric Carle book to our Eric Carle library soon!


  1. We are big Eric Carle fans too. I love how you've used the techniques in the book to create your own masterpiece.

  2. I think it looks like a kangaroo! Painting is a favorite activity in our home, too and I agree that Carle's books are the best. We haven't yet read the one you mentioned though.

  3. oo I think this turned out great!!

  4. Oh, I love all the TEXTURE y'all used with your kangaroo! WONDERFUL!

  5. This child lead art is what I love to see. Children are naturally artistic and creative.

    And yes this the perfect book for our little ones. We will be doing a huge theme study on the Animal Kingdom / Habitats / Geography. This book will be perfect for Miss Enigma. Thank you for reminding me to search this one out of our books.

  6. I like his pretty painting and the kangaroo collage. I quite agree that many Carle books are perfect for early readers because of repetition. It was one of the first books my daughter was able to read on her own.

  7. I love visiting all these kidlit blogs, too. I wish there was an easier way to find other blogs where people post about picture books than just randomly running across them!

    I posted my 10 for 10 (sorry...I had posted it, but then I started to modify it this morning and ran out of time...didn't know it would disappear from my blog until I posted it again!)


  8. I think this is another great idea. But mainly I just wanted to say that the boys are SO CUTE! I can't believe how big Tyson is getting.