Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Portraits- 2 year old style

My Dog is As Smelly As Dirty Socks: And Other Funny Family PortraitsWhen we saw, My Dog is As Smelly As Dirty Socks: And Other Funny Family Potraits by Hanoch Piven, at the library, my head screamed, stART project!!!!! (stART= story + art. It's a weekly link-up hosted by A Mommy's Adventures to share an art project that you did with your child).
The BEST part of My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks is the illustrations. In the story, a young girl improves her family portraits by chosing objects to represent characteristics of her family. For instance, the father is playful (so his nose is a top), the mother is sweet (her eyes are cookies), the brother is sneaky (his mouth is a snake), and of course the dog is made from an old stinky sock.
I had been wanting to create family portraits with Logan but he is not actually drawing people yet. I wasn't sure if drawing faces would even work. SO... I came up with this idea.

I cut out ovals for the faces. Then I gave Logan contact paper to build a face on (we put the colored oval under the contact paper so that he could see the face area). Then we used a variety of materials for eyes, nose, mouth, and hair.
Because I am a control freak, I divided the objects up into 4 paper plates. I would give him a plate to choose from for the eyes. (He always knew where to put the eyes). Then I would give him a plate to choose from for the nose, etc. (The other face parts were hard for him. He would hold the object up to his own face first to figure out where it went. lol)

Some of objects we used were:
buttons, beads, scrapbooking embellishments, feathers, pipecleaners, yarn, cotton balls,.
Here is our family:

(I let Logan do most of the art, but I did help him put Daddy's hair on. I also convinced him to use the heart die cut that said, "Hot stuff"... moms gotta have fun too!) I wish my pictures were better- photography is not my "thing" and the contact paper is glaring!- Also we used peach paper... it looks orange, we're not pumpkins, promise!)

This is not only an awesome opportunity for preschoolers, but older students could do a lot of great writing with these portraits. This book is a must-have. Run, don't walk, to your library to check it out... umm, on second thought, don't run in the library. Librarians frown on such things!


  1. oo so cute!!! What a great extension from the book :-)

  2. Those are so cute! He did a wonderful job. I love how you used contact paper.

  3. These are awesome...and I think I could actually do this craft! They turned out really, really cute.

  4. what a great idea, i'm goint to try this with my son