Monday, September 13, 2010

This one's for the boys...

No Girls Allowed: Devotions for BoysNo Girls Allowed by Jayce O'Neal  is a devotion book for boys aged 8-12. Since it is important to me to find ways to connect my boys to God's word, I was excited to review this book. No Girls Allowed includes 60 devotions. Each devotion begins with a scripture verse, a short story, and 2 pages of activities. Activities include: games- crosswords, secret codes, wordsearches, Things to do- practical applications, Things to Remember- additional Bible verses on the topic, and Wisdom- quotes on the topic from famous people-both Christians and non-Christians.
I found the content of the devotions to be good for challenging boys in their spiritual journey and the book to be relevant. The devotions would be good for a boy who has a background of basic Bible stories. . For instance, in the devotion David and the Cheese, the author challenges boys to think about what would have happened if David hadn't obeyed his father and taken lunch to his brothers. (He wouldn't have been used by God to fight Goliath.) The book is relevant. The author uses current sports heros, movies, and TV shows. Here was my only issue with the book (and this could be because my sons are still too young for this book or maybe it's because I grew up really sheltered, lol) some of the connections to movies and people are not the things I would want my 8 year old watching. Which means, some kids wouldn't "get" all of the references in the book.
All in all, I think any book which challenges a young man to walk with God, is a good investment!
Oh, and if you are concerned about this book discriminating against girls, there is a companion book called, No Boys Allowed: Devotions for Girls by Kristi Holl, Jennifer Vogtlin
 (Tyndale House provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way with this post.)

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