Saturday, October 9, 2010

Can you Make a Scary Face?

Wait! Not that Scary! Yikes! 
Can You Make a Scary Face?Can You Make a Scary Face? is not technically a Halloween book, but I thought it was a good addition to our fall library books. Boy was I right! Logan thinks it is absolutely hilarious. And he's right!
In the story, a ladybug invites the reader to play pretend. Can you pretend there is a bug on your nose? Wiggle it off. Pretend there is a bug in your mouth? Blow it off? Pretend it is stuck on your shirt? Imagine a giant frog coming to eat the bug! But when the giant imaginary frog actually shows up, the ladybug asks the child to make a scary face to frighten the frog away. The scary face ends up frightening the frog and the ladybug!
The book is created with large text and large simple pictures. It has bright inviting colors and interesting font. The text is placed into speech bubbles so it could be a great book for discussing the print concept of speech bubbles.
Logan enjoys the humor of the book. He loves to wiggle and shake, blow, and of course- make a scary face. This is one of the best newer picture books I've seen! I'm pretty sure it will be making it into Logan's Christmas list!


  1. This book sounds great. I love that it is interactive. JDaniel will need to have me check it out for him.

    Thank for stopping by.

  2. We read that one and other Jan Thomas's books. I thought they are pretty good. Daughter was kind of lukewarm about them - she actually found the book a little scary. She can be funny about this kind of things.