Friday, October 22, 2010

Felt Board Bats

Bats are a great Halloween craft idea for kids. Books about bats are also highly engaging for the preschool crew. My two year old, Logan, is going to be Batman for Halloween. His costume is almost finished and he is so so so so cute! I would probably let him wear it everyday if he asked. Luckily, he hasn't asked.
Of course, we had to read some bat themed books to gear up for the big day.
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5 Little Bats Flying in the Night by Steve Metzger is based on the poem, 5 little monkeys. See my full review of this book here.
I created a roll up felt board several months ago. I placed 5 bats on the felt board at the beginning of the book. The story is a counting backwards story. Each verse we would remove one bat and count how many bats were remanining. Of course, Logan is only 2 so much help was required.
Interesting though, although many 2 year olds can rote count fairly high, I recently read  that most preschoolers can only count and match one to one up to their age. So a 2 year old can probably consistently count two items, a three year old would consistently count 3 items, and then at age 4 or age 5 the idea of one to one counting really kicks in and children can count and match higher numbers. (This came from a handout that my Parents as Teachers educator gave to me.)

We are going to do a similar activity next week with 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate and introducing concept words (first, second, third, fourth, fifth).  JDaniel4s mom has a cute Five Little Pumpkins post. This was part of her Read. Explore. Learn. meme that she hosts each Friday. This Friday I am linking up for the first time. I'm also linking up our felt board play to We play at Childhood 101. Both of these are great sites so go check them out!


  1. ohh how fun!! Sammy is going to be a super hero as well too :-)

  2. fun blog! I'm following from the Friday Blog Hop.

  3. What a cute idea! Kellen is going to be Thomas the train, so I guess we need to read about trains. Oh wait...we do that everyday. LOL. I want to see pictures of this adorable costume!

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  5. What a great idea! I bet it makes a great fall travel activity. Felt is a nice quiet/clean craft. Visiting from JD's link-up :)

  6. We like bats at my house too. I've always wanted a bat house. Looks like a fun activity :-)

  7. I love how simple your bats are and yet so effective and fun.

  8. I love the idea of using felt to tell the story.

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore. Learn. I pinned this post.