Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooky Stories for Halloween

As Halloween comes close,the books I am reading with my preschool boys aren't scary, but maybe spooky and definitely funny. We love reading Halloween picture books and I hope to grow my collection of Halloween books over the next few years. Many of these books also include basic preschool themes like counting, so they are a great way to sneak in a little seasonal learning.

Five Little Bats Flying in the Night by Steve Metzger This book is based on the 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed rhyme. Logan already does that rhyme with his older boy cousins and grandparents and they substitute their own names into the rhyme. I thought he would like a book that substitutes bats for the monkeys. Instead, he was quite upset the first time because he thought I was reading the story wrong. Eventually has has come around and has even enjoyed doing a felt board activity with this book.

Five Spooky Ghosts Playing Tricks at School by Steve Metzger This Metzger book follows a similar pattern. In this story, the ghosts are causing trouble at school. In each refrain the teacher calls a mommy, daddy, grandma, etc. Logan didn't quite understand the book. It's probably best for kids who are already in school. Some of the concepts were too school specific for him. Although, I think he'll like it more as we read it.

halloween activities for kids, Six Creepy Sheep, halloween crafts for kids, preschool halloween crafts, ready set read, picture booksSix Creepy Sheep by Judith Ross Enderle Another Halloween counting book! In this story, 6 sheep start off on Halloween night. They encounter creepy things (like pirates, fairies, hobos, goblins, and witches). One by one they run off. In the end, they come to a Halloween party. They find all of the creepy things at the Halloween party. If your child scares easily, I would recommend starting with the end and showing them that all of the scary things in the story are just animals dressed up for a Halloween party. (It's pretty clear in most of the pictures that they are wearing costumes)

The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything by Linda D. Williams In this book, children repeat the sounds that a little old lady hears in the woods. The suspense in this book builds, but the ending is funny rather than scary!

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro This is a fun story based on the traditional "I know an Old lady who Swallowed a Fly". There are a ton of these seasonal spin offs and in each one, the old lady swallows a bunch of crazy stuff and then pukes it up (scary, right?). Then, the objects always merge together to form some crazy holiday appropriate masterpiece. They are pretty predictable pieces of literature, but kids love them.

Where's my Mummy? Look at that adorable mummy on the cover of this book! The text is equally as sweet. In this story, a little mummy plays a game of hide and shriek before bed. Not much scares a mummy, but when a tiny creature ends up scaring him, his mummy is right there to comfort him. 

Also, if you want some spooky stories which are age specific as well as grouped according to very mild, slightly spooky, and spookier still, then check out this great post I found at Good Books for Kids
Do you have any spooky stories to share this week?


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