Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: DIY easel

Writing on an easel provides a child the opportunity to transfer his knowledge of writing on paper to a different format. When a child writes on an easel, he will usually grip his pencil or crayon in a slightly different way. This allows the child to experiment with different grips for writing.
Unfortunately we didn't have an easel for Logan. Luckily, I found this post on making your own  table top easel out of a diaper box. Lord knows we have a lot of those!! (You could actually use any box that is diaper box sized)
Step 1: Cut off the two side panels of the box (the small sides)
Step 2: Flip it inside out into a triangle shape and tape it together.
** I did change one thing. I wanted Logan to be able to easily clip his artwork to the easel so before I duct taped the easel together, I put a metal clip for holding papers. You could always just clip the papers on to the side with clothespins, though.**
(Also, the first time I made one, I did not follow directions and cut and folded the box wrong. I ended up with a much taller workspace but it was very flimsy. We use it as a drying rack for finished paintings!)
pps. I'm thinking about making another one of these for a felt board. I thought I could just stick on some of that sticky backed felt.  That is, if none of my lovely readers have a better suggestion for a homemade felt board.


  1. What a great DIY project!!

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  3. When my then 4.5 year old was struggling to find a dominant hand and hold her pen correctly we made a similar easel and it helped heaps. great idea and great link!