Thursday, November 4, 2010

Creating Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage

We aren't quite ready to let the pumpkin crafts go yet! This week we read Franklin's Pumpkin.
Halloween crafts for kids, halloween activities for kids, fall crafts for kids, fall activities for kids, Franklin's Pumpkin (Kids Can Read), book activities, halloween books for kids, picture books, ready set readFranklin's Pumpkin is an early reader book. Clearly, Logan (age 2) is not reading this book himself. But amazingly, he loves this book as a read aloud. I say amazingly because this is probably the longest story we've read together.
Franklin books are wonderful for helping children who are struggling with comprehension skills, specifically understanding problem and solution. Franklin books generally start with something like:
"Franklin can tie his shoes. Franklin can count by twos. And Franklin can grown a really, really big pumpkin. This is a problem. What will Franklin do with a really, really big pumpkin?"
In this story, Franklin decides to use his pumpkin to build a Cinderella carriage for Harriet, his sister.
Telling the child the problem up front is a scaffold for the reader. For some children, this helps them build their comprehension. They have some knowledge of what the book will be about.
Another way to build comprehension, is to extend the book. You can extend the book by reinacting it, using puppets to retell the story, doing a writing project, or doing an art project. You can find art projects for many books at A Mommy's Adventures. (She even has an alphabetical listing of books with art projects).
I chose to do an art project to extend this book. I was pretty sure Logan had no idea who Cinderella was or why a princess would be riding in a pumpkin. (We are a very boy house! We talk superheroes, not princesses.)So we made Cinderella's pumpkin coach and a Cinderella stick puppet. As we made our craft, I told him the Cinderella story.

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We used a piece of a large piece of green paper.
Glued a pumpkin on the front.
Decorated with stickers and glitter glue.
And then cut a slit for Cinderella to pop out of the pumpkin.
Cinderella was made by sticking a scrapbooking sticker of a little girl onto a piece of cardstock, tracing around it, and then taping to a straw or a popsicle stick. (Oh, and we I re-dressed her and added a tiara!)

Logan especially loved the puppet and we made all of the girls on the sticker sheet into little stick puppets too. (He did tell me at the end, "You need to go to the basement and find a BOY sticker.")

I could have titled this post, the day we did a girlie craft! I have to say, I loved making a cinderella puppet and putting some bling on our project today!

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  1. oo very cute craft!!

  2. We enjoy the Franklin books here. I don't think you can ever make too many pumpkin crafts, and this one is adorable!

  3. We missed that Franklin book when we were doing pumpkins - I might have to go back and look for it!

    I love the pumpkin coach idea too - hopefully he won't be too traumatized by it :)

  4. Oh, i love the little puppet! And what an "Original" Pumpkin craft for this time of year!!!

    Kids Get Crafty

  5. How cute! The pumkin that she can hop in an out of is such fun.

  6. This is so sweet. My daughter would really like this craft. I'm visiting from Read.Explore.Learn.

  7. I love that, it's so cute! And I see so many girly books and I know Nathan would be like "why are we reading this one mom." So I hardly ever get them, but it tempts me when I see all the "girly" crafts.