Monday, November 1, 2010

A Super Halloween

 Logan and Tyson were Batman and Superman for Halloween.
Here is Super Baby:
 And here is Happy Batman,without his mask!
 My mom made this awesome costume for him. I was going to make it but I "left it" at her house and she just whipped it right up. She's pretty awesome!
 The boys had fun playing together in their costumes.
 They were super friends.

If my butt looked this cute, I'd show it to you too!!!
We had a great Halloween!


  1. What fun! Love their costumes they turned out super cute!

  2. Laughed at loud at the "If my butt looked that cute, I'd show you too!" Ha ha!

  3. They are super duper cute! Great costumes and how lovely for you Mom to put it together for you.