Turkey Crafts

My plan is to keep Thanksgiving simple this year. I won’t be introducing Pilgrims or a history of the United States of America. We will save those lessons until Logan is at least three. ha!
We’re pretty much focusing on two things.
1. Thanksgiving is a time to tell God thank you.
2. Thanksgiving is a time to eat some turkey.
I admit, I chose #2 because turkeys make some pretty cute little turkey crafts!
Thanksgiving Is for Giving ThanksThis week we read Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland . This book actually hit on both of our “themes”. After reading this book we made a cute turkey craft!

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After reading the book, I asked Logan to help me think of things he was thankful for. I modeled several things and wrote each thing on a colored strip. As I wrote, I said the word slowly and recorded the sounds in that word. Occassionally I made reference to the beginning sound in the word. “Oh, food starts with (f sound).” as I wrote the letter f.
Pretty soon Logan was telling me things he was thankful for and soon after that he was “writing” those things on the strips. Granted, his writing was just scribbles. But he was learning that scribbles (symbols) convey a message. Isn’t that what writing is? Arbitary symbols that convey a message to the reader? This is one of the earliest lessons your child will learn about writing!
thanksgiving crafts for kids, turkey crafts, fall activities,
If your child is more advanced, you might have him try to record the beginning sound of the word as you finish the word. You might have him try to write the entire word, and then write it “how it would look in a book” so he can read it back to you.
After doing our cute turkey craft. Logan told me, “I not EAT the turkey for thanksgiving.” Hmmm, I can kind of see that, who would want to eat our cute little turkey. He’s practically a pet!
Fortunately, Almost Unschoolers had this cute turkey (shaped) sandwich. I whipped one of these up and he was quite happy to try “eating turkey”!
thanksgiving crafts for kids, turkey crafts, fall activities,

Ps. If you DO want to learn about Pilgrims this Thanksgiving, check out my friend Kate’s blog. She took a visit to Plymouth plantation and has a great list of Pilgrim related books in her post!



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    Cute craft. Isn’t that sandwich cute too!
    I like your point about using the terminology “how it would look in a book” in regards to sounding out/spelling a word. I think that goes a long way to keeping them willing to sound out words without becoming intimidated.