Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the Season for Christmas Books

We lit our first advent candle at church on Sunday and I started to get so excited about the Christmas season. Not only am I excited to play Santa Claus with Logan, I'm really excited to introduce him to the true Christmas story-- and hopefully help him to begin building an understanding of the amazing gift that we are given through the birth of Jesus!
On Sunday afternoon, I went to the basement and pulled out all of our Christmas books. I try to not check out library books during the holidays because I forget to return them!!! Here are some of my favorite stories that Logan, Tyson and I will be reading this week:
The Polar ExpressThe Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg This is a Christmas classic, at least in my book! In this story, a little boy rides a train, the Polar Express, to the North pole where he meets Santa and discovers his belief in Santa Claus. (I'm sure most of you have read this one!) We generally make a train out of laundry baskets or chairs and sip "hot" cocoa while listening to this story. Last year I just gave Logan chocolate milk. This year I might let him try lukewarm cocoa!
The Night Before ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore Illustrated by Mary Engelbreit This is the classic poem but it is illustrated SO adorably. Mary Engelbreit is from my home city (I don't live there but it's the closest city to me!) The illustrations are so detailed yet there is a large illustration on each page that grabs your attention. This makes the book great for mulitple ages. Tyson adores her rosy cheeked Santa.
'Twas the Night: The Nativity StoryTwas the Night- The Nativity Story by Melody Carlson This is a really cute version of the Christmas story as told in Luke 2. The rhyme and clear illustrations make it a great choice for toddlers and preschoolers.
Baby's Christmas (Little Golden Book)Baby's Christmas A Little Golden Book This story was orginally published in 1959. It's very classic. It begins with a Christmas tree with Baby Jesus nestled underneath. It reminds us right off that Jesus is the best Christmas gift. Then lists all of Baby's Christmas presents that Santa brought. The illustrations are very "vintage looking" and make me smile. Baby does get a TON of presents-- more than my kids will get by far-- but it does stress at the end that baby got a toy box so he can put away his toys every night. So, I guess it does have a good moral. (And it's listed for $0.01 on amazon!)

Jingle BellsJingle Bells by Iza Trapani In this story, Trapani uses the traditional Jingle Bells carol but illustrates it with traditions of children around the world. The children take a sleigh ride to Mexico, Sweden, the Phillipines, Kenya, Poland, Italy, and the United States. At the end of the book, the different customs are explained and the sheet music for Jingle Bells is given.

It's Christmas, David!It's Christmas, David by David Shannon Logan loves the David books.  David is a loveable but naughty boy who is always getting in to things around the house. Most of the text in the book is "No, David." Logan LOVES telling David, "No." (He also loves when David is naked in the book-- don't worry it doesn't show too much-- is that just a boy thing???)

Share your favorite Christmas books too! I'd love to add some new ones.


  1. Looks like a great list of Christmas books! I love getting out Christmas stories to read at bedtime each night :-)

  2. Thank you for some ideas for Christmas books. I am going to see if I can get that first one from our library for sure.

  3. Great review of Christmas books! I have to see if we can get that book by Iza Trapani, since I love to introduce Anna to different cultures and traditions. We are starting our Christmas reading right after Hanukkah :)

  4. Wonderful collection of Christmas books. We have almost all of them!