Thursday, December 9, 2010


This is the time of year when I plan, plan, plan. I plan what cookies to bake on which days. I plan extra activities for advent. I plan out my blog the month ahead and load it all into my google calendar. I plan who to buy for, what to buy, and when to buy it. I plan what my kids will be wearing to various family functions. I plan what to pack in the diaper bag the night before, what toys to take, what food to bring. I over schedule our weekends with family and friends and Christmas shopping. And for the most part, I like that.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you plan, your plan gets thrown off track. Last weekend, Greg's Grandma, Grandma Higgins, passed away. She was 92 years old. Instead of planning holiday activities and blog posts, we stopped everything we were doing and for a few days and people gathered to honor Grandma Higgins and her life. And suddenly, all those plans we had made, didn't really matter. What mattered was spending time with family. What mattered was that my boys got to see that they are a part of a loving family who rallies together to support each other and love on each other. What mattered was the memory of a sweet lady.
As my husband always described her, Grandma Higgins was a very regal lady. She was warm and welcoming to all who joined her family. She was thoughtful, always had a card or a note out on birthdays and holidays. She was kind. She could talk to anyone about anything and make them feel comfortable. I hope that in the business of our Christmas season, we can honor her memory by taking time to sit with people and really talk to them and listen. That we can give our gifts with the kindness and generosity that she always showed to us. That we can be warm and welcoming to all we come in contact with.
Sometimes plans get messed up. Sometimes blog posts don't get published. Sometimes we are reminded about what is truly important.

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  1. I am sorry about your loss - it's so hard to lose the loved ones, especially so close to the holidays. You are quite right - family togetherness is one of the best gifts we can give in December and at other times of the year.