Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Playing with songs

This week, we've been having fun making up silly songs. One of Logan's favorite Christmas songs is "Deck the Halls." So we've been singing these words to the classic song tune:
Let's sing a song that changes first sounds,
fa la la la la la la la la,
Let's sing a song with the 'p' sound,
pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa.
popcorn and pizza start with 'p'
pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa
popcorn and pizza start with 'p'
pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa

You can either let your child choose the items to put in the song or model beginning letter sounds by choosing for them.
You could switch it up and change last sounds too but I would advise doing that only after you are sure your child understands first sounds.

I think this song is working well for us. Last night at Target- after Logan told me, "I love Target so much." (That's my boy!)- He said, "Target starts with 'T'."
And on the way home, in the minivan, you bet we sang, "Target and Taco start with 'T' ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta."

What silly songs do you sing? How have they enhanced your child's knowledge of letters or sounds?
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  1. We, too, love to mix up the words of songs, but I hadn't thought of doing it like this :)

    And my girl LOVES Target too, and always has. I am sure it is the one store (regardless of what centre we are at) that she would be able to navigate herself around, LOL

  2. I LOVE this idea I wish i had seen it earlier :)