Monday, December 13, 2010

These books are "snow" good for a snowy day.

It snowed this weekend! Our first snow of the season. Logan has been quite impressed with the snow. Every time he gets up from a nap, he says, "Oh, it snowed again." I guess I'll have to explain the idea of snow staying around until it melts. Maybe this freezing/melting activity would help when he gets older. :)
In case you don't remember, I don't check books out of the library at Christmas time. It just gets too crazy and I end up giving a large "Christmas gift" to the library in the form of overdue fines. So, the books we have been reading are books that I have in the house. When I saw the snow falling down, it was time to head to the basement to gather up the snow books. Here are a few we've been enjoying:
Snow (Caldecott Honor Book)Snow by Uri Shulevitz This is my favorite winter book. In this story, a little boy is filled with hope that a snowstorm is coming. While the adults in the story are pessimistic about the snow's arrival. "It's only a snowflake." "It will melt." The radio and the television even predict that the snow won't come. "But snowflakes don't listen to radio, snowflakes don't watch television." (Isn't that the truth?) Eventually, the snow begins to fall and soon the whole city is white.
This book is a caldecott honor book. The illustrations are simple and somewhat drab but when you are stuck inside on a gray December day, they kind of match your mood.
I adore this book, and I adore the little boy's hope for snow!
The MittenThe Mitten by Jan Brett This story isn't necessarily about snow but like many of Brett's books, it takes place in the snow. Most people are familiar with this book. In the story, (which I believe is a retelling of a Ukrainian folktale, a little boy loses his snow white mitten. The forest animals use it for a warm home. It only gets stretched out a little before it gets returned home with Nicki.
Even though you may have checked out Brett's books before, make sure to take some time to check out her website as well.

White Snow, Bright SnowWhite Snow, Bright Snow By Alvin Tresselt Ok, folks, this one is old... and honestly, I have no idea how it ended up in our collection of books.  But it's a cute story of how grown ups hustle and bustle to prepare for the snow while children relax and think about playing in the snow. It also briefly covers seasons.. as the snow melts and spring returns. It's probably not super relevant to our kid's lives today (unless you live in "Mayberry" like my friend Kate) but it takes you back to a time when kids stayed at home and played with the other neighbor kids and knew their postman by name. (Just be prepared. The postman is man. The policeman is a man. The farmer is a man. And then there is "the wife". lol)

The Wild Toboggan RideThe Wild Toboggan Ride By Suzan Reid This hasn't been my favorite snow book but Logan loves the pictures and it's a good way to introduce sledding and to introduce the vocabulary word "toboggan" to older children. In the story, Nicki and Grandpa Dan take a toboggan ride. As they go along, they crash into others in the town and they all end up on the toboggan together. Grandpa Dan is rather annoying in the book, he's a grumpy old grandpa...not like my kid's Grandpas- they never complain about having to do anything with the kids... so I was personally annoyed by Grandpa Dan. Logan liked it though, because he's all boy and thinks crashing anything is wonderful.


  1. I will have to check some of these out. Its always good to have some fun snow books for a snowy day :)

  2. Great collection of snow book. I guess my personal favorite is Snow Day by Keats, but we haven't read any of those books except The Mitten.

  3. Thank you for sharing these books! Like Natalie, I've only read the Mitten, but the others look great.

  4. We have the same old version of the White Snow book, and I also have no idea where I got it!

  5. Thanks for these suggestions! It doesn't snow here in FL so I want to share some books with her on the subject :)