Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Review: A Book I love to Hate

In case you were thinking I'm a boring, fuddy dud momma who stays at home and has very little life.. oh wait, I am... I thought I'd at least try to write an entertaining book review. Instead of sharing a great book that I love, I thought I'd start with a book I hate.
Love you Forever by Robert Munsch is the story of love between a mother and son. Her toddler son tests her patience all day (I can relate) but every evening, she puts him to bed singing, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." As he grows up and they have their mother/son ups and downs, she continues to sneak into his room at night and sing this song to him.
Seriously, this should be a good book. It has a great repetitious rhyme. It has a good message. It was written by a great author who wrote other books I like.
However, It's a little bit unbelieveable. I mean, what preteen or teenage boy lets his momma rock him to sleep? I think this was written for the benefit of the momma's out there!
And, this book totally freaks me out.
Why does the mom have to climb up a ladder into her grown son's bedroom window to rock him? Is his wife not ok with her MIL intruding on them? Let me just say, if I woke up to my MIL rocking my husband in our bedroom, I wouldn't sleep for a year!!
So that's all I have to say about that. Well, not really. You see, I did a little research on this book and I found out that the song in the book was written by the author for his two children who were born stillborn. And then I felt guilty. And then I wanted to go to confession... but I'm not catholic.
BUT, while I was on his site, I discovered a treasure trove of his books with audio. Mr. Munsch is a goofy looking authory guy but man, he can tell a story. When I heard him read "Roar!", I was laughing OUT LOUD! I could just picture my nephew Alex being the boy in that story. I think that's what makes his books great, they are inspired by real children.
So, I think we all have our own opinions, and I'm sorry but I still am freaked out by Love you Forever.. However, please, do yourself a favor and head to this website and check out some of Robert Munsch's other books.
And in the meantime, tell me... what book do you love to hate???