Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 10 of 2010: How Rocket Learned to Read

How do you motivate a reluctant reader? Reel them in with a good story. How does a bird motivate a dog who is reluctant to read? Reel him in with a good story. How Rocket Learned to Read could be the story that reels your child in to reading.
How Rocket Learned to ReadIn this story, a very enthusiastic little bird (reminds me of myself) decides to teach Rocket the dog to read. She hangs an alphabet banner- which doesn't entice him-- what entices him is when the bird begins to read a story. The smart bird stops the story at it's juiciest point and Rocket is hooked. He can't wait to learn how to read for himself.
This is an adorable book which takes the reader through the process of learning to read. I bet your early readers will be excited to try decoding the words right along with Rocket. The pictures are fantastically adorable. In fact, they are so great, I think this book would have a shot at winning the Caldecott. (If only there hadn't been so many amazing books this year!!) I'm not ruling this one out, though.
I can't find anything not to like about this book which means it definitely belongs on my list of top 10 in 2010.
By the way, How Rocket Learned to Read is written by Tad Hills, the same author of Duck and Goose books.
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  1. Yes, this book is awesome. It's not always that I like both the story and the illustrations, but this is definitely the one on my top list too.

  2. Goos story and illustrations in the one book can be hard to find. I will have to see if the library has thiss one :)