Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top 10 of 2010: Sleepy, Oh so Sleepy

Sleepy, Oh So SleepyThe only thing I didn't like about the book Sleepy, Oh So Sleepy was the title. It sounded a bit like I would be hypnotizing my baby. "You're getting sleepy, oh so sleepy." - not that I wouldn't try that route on some sleepless nights. Since the book was by an author I enjoy, I gave it a shot. Both of my boys and I enjoyed this book. This book has a very repetitive text, "Tiny baby lion, sleepy oh so sleepy." Occasionally it is mixed with a question, "Where is my sleepy baby?" The lull of the repetitive text would be comforting for even the very youngest babies.
While I was impressed with Flemings illustrations and the variety of animals in the text (pandas, orangutans, ostrich, and otters), I wasn't sold on the book until the ending. The book ends with, "Here's my sleepy baby, my tiny sleepy baby. Sleep tight, sleepy babies, tiny sleepy babies." The illustrations at the end are my favorite too. With a mother/father's hands gently tucking a baby in with his sock monkey to a simple picture of world with text wrapped around it to end the story, the illustrations are heart-tugging. It's a perfect way to end a day, reminding a child that he is loved and safe.
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