Thursday, January 13, 2011

We play: Transportation Party

My baby boy turned 1 on 1-11-11! For his birthday he received an ear infection and RSV... along with some nice gifts too... like lots of toys and clothes. Unfortunately he was sick at his party last Saturday. But both sets of Grandparents and his cousins, Nick and Alex came anyway. Grandparents don't care if they get sick, they just want to see the boy!
Generally, when I plan a party, I look around the house and see what toys we have already that can be used for decorations. When I looked around this time, I saw a Tonka truck table and lots of big Tonka Trucks. I figured that Tyson really loves pushing the big trucks so it would be a good "theme" for his party. (Oh, and the fact that our house is in a constant state of construction, so this was fitting.) Using a lot of stuff we already had made the party uber-cheap.

I bought a few black table cloths from the dollar tree and put yellow tape on them for roads. I used those for the walls and the tables.
I printed FREE street signs off and laminated them with stick on lamination. I even put one on the basement door that said, "Do not enter"... Since we are beginning a basement remodel!
For food, I created a "Build a brown bag lunch" station. I gave the boys brown lunch bags and provided stickers on their table for them to decorate their bags with if they wanted.

I also created a really cool playmat using paint and a shower curtain... but you have to come back tomorrow for that one ;)

The best part about the party was the play the continued past the party.  I left the street signs up for a while. I had noticed that my nephews who are early readers were trying to decode the words on the signs. After they left, Logan would run around and say, "What's this say?" A Stop Sign, One Way, Do Not Enter, etc. can be fun for following directions and reading. You could also have your kids write their own street signs for play. That would be a great writing activity!
Also, we took the table cloth road off of the wall and put it on the floor for the Tonka Trucks to drive on... until it tore up a few days later. Still it only cost $1, so it was a worthy investment.
I've noticed more pretend play with the riding toys since the street signs are up. Logan likes to ride down the hallway, stop at the stop sign, and then go to "work". Tyson's "job" is to push Logan all the way to work.

 Poor baby! Good thing he has amoxicillian to make him feel well enough to go back to work!
Happy Birthday, Tyson! We love you!
I am linking this up to We play at Childhood 101 where you can find tons of great ideas for play!


  1. I hope your baby is feeling better, Jackie! You are so creative. What great ideas! Glad everyone had fun!

  2. I can't wait to see how you made the shower curtain a play mat!

  3. 1 on 1.1.11, that must be lucky! This looks like a great idea for a party theme. My boys would surely have loved something like this.

  4. What a fabulous party theme and such simple but effective ideas. Thank you for sharing :)