Ch-ch-ch-changes: Exploring Descriptive Text with Chameleons

The Mixed-Up ChameleonThis week our Eric Carle book was The Mixed Up Chameleon. In this story, a chameleon not only changes colors, he adds attributes of other animals. For instance, when he says, “I wish I could swim like a fish”, he grows fins. In the end, he learns that he needs to just be himself in order to get what he needs.

After reading the book, we explored changes.
I made some playdough  using this recipe.

Look, I got a new camera!! You can actually see my pictures!!!

 I divided the playdough into four parts and “hid” some food coloring in the center of each part of playdough.

 As we kneeded the playdough, it changed colors. I helped the boys make a connection to the text by saying things like, “Look, the playdough is changing colors just like the mixed up chameleon changed colors in the book.” (This could make a great link into animal adaptations or camaflouge).

sorry about the runny nose… the new camera captures the good, the bad… and the ugly!

Then I invited Logan to create a new character. I included wiggly eyes, feathers, pipe cleaners, beads, sequins, tooth picks, and clothespins in a tub for him.

As he was creating I would say, “Oh, that hair looks like a porcupine.” Sometimes he would contribute his own ideas like, “No, it has hair like a bird.” We tried to stick with Carle’s writing structure of “I wish I had ____like a _____” as we talked about our creatures.

This would make a great writing starter for early learners. They
 could either just fill in the blanks or write their own descriptive paragraph of their new creature. It might look something like this.
I created a ________________. (Make up a name for your creature)
It has ___(hair)_____ like a ______(bird)___________.
It is _______(funny)_____ like a ______(seal)_____________. (an example from Carle’s book).

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    How Lovely! Love the idea of making the playdough change colour! Brilliant. And playing with playdough is always fun!!

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