Monday, February 14, 2011

Could you show some love for my blog?

Happy Valentines Day to my reader friends! I hope you have a wonderful day -- whether you have a Valentine to spend the day with or whether you are spending it with sugared up kids or whether you feel "alone" this Valentine's Day-- I hope something today brings you a feeling of being loved.
I have spent Valentines' Days in all of those situations! I remember surviving the Valentine's Day party my first year of teaching. After dropping my sugar-high kids off at the busses, a teacher who had taught 31 years and was getting read to retire said, "Just think, only 90 parties to go." (3 parties a year x 31 years of teaching -- just in case you needed to see the math!)
I spent many a Valentine's Day alone while I was waiting to meet the perfect man that God had for me. I remember waking up on those days saying, "God, could you just show me something beautiful today? Something that is a sweet Valentine's Day present from you to me." As I wake up on this Valentine's Day, that memory makes me smile. We are having warmer and beautiful days all week and I think that God is double blessing me- with a sweet Valentine and something beautiful! I also think of those that are spending Valentine's Day feeling a little unloved and I just wonder if God isn't trying to show them something beautiful.
Of course, this year, as I said I am double blessed. I might even be triple blessed because I'm spending Valentines day with my husband and kids. Granted, my husband is at work- but we had an awesome day of shopping on Saturday. He doesn't like to shop- but he put up with it all day just for me! And we bought a new camera. Unfortunately it was out of stock and so it should arrive on Wednesday. I hope to take my blog to a whole new level!!!
In the meantime, however, my blog HAS gotten a little bit of love. Someone nominated my blog for the Best Live and Learn Parenting Blog Readers’ Choice award on and it has been selected as one of five finalists to head into the final voting process. I don't even know who nominated me but Thank you to that person for showing my blog some love.
If you love Ready. Set. Read!, the link to vote for Best Live and Learn Parenting Blog is:
Happy Valentine's Day! I'm off to fry up some donuts for my boys and start them off on their sugar-high!


  1. Congratulations! You get my vote!

  2. How nice! I am off to vote. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I will definitely go vote for you!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!! Off to vote :-)

  5. I voted too! Literacy rules!

    (Amazingly, the word verification for this comment is "ablessu" - I hope that is an omen for you.)

  6. just voted!1 good luck to you, my friend!!