Friday, February 18, 2011

A Grouchy Ladybug Craft and Writing Experience

Currently, Kohl's department stores are selling Eric Carle books for $5 each. They are hardcover books so that's quite a steal! Eric Carle is one of our favorite authors so I plan to feature several of his books in the next week-- so if you've already bought some of those books, you'll be ready to go!
The Grouchy LadybugThe Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle is one of the books being offered at Kohl's. The Grouchy Ladybug is a mean little bug who never says please or thank you and challenges everyone to a fight- no matter their size!
I know that a grouchy ladybug trying to fight everyone doesn't sound like a positive message to send to your kids. I found, however, that the underlying message was good. Instead of preaching at kids, this book shows kids how their choices affect them.
After reading the book, we made a paper plate ladybug craft. We painted one plate black and a smaller plate red. After they dried we stuck on black felt circles and pipe cleaners for legs and antenna.

With older children, Eric Carle books can be a great source for discussing a variety of texts. In the beginning of "The Grouchy Ladybug", Carle includes some informational text about aphids. You could use this paragraph as a mentor text. Read the paragraph with your child and show them how Carle creates a topic sentence with supporting details. Fill in a web like the one below to show your child each of the details Eric Carle gives about aphids.
Aphids Web
With early writers, a fun extension could be to write an expository paragraph about bugs. You could use pictures of bugs or toy bugs if you have them. Allow your child to choose a bug to write about. You could read a few nonfiction books about the bug they choose- or simply have them examine the bug. For example, by examining a ladybug, your child can tell that the bug has:
  • 6 legs
  • wings
  • antenna
  • black spots
Each of those things can be placed on the web and then turned into a detail sentence about ladybugs.
Insect Organizer

By the way, we purchased our books from Kohl's - I'm just letting you in on a good deal-- not advertising for Kohl's!

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  1. Awesome deal Jackie...I'm so going to Kohl's in the next week or two :) We love Eric Carle. Thanks for the tip!

    Love the ladybug too, so adorable!!

  2. Just a lovely lady bug and of course you can't go wrong with Eric Carle! Fabulous!

    Thanks for joining in with Kids Get Crafty! :-)


  3. Awesome! I got the books and stuffed animals as well.... our kids love The Grouchy Ladybug, so we used it to talk about characters and characteristics. Then the kids made masks and acted it out as it was read to them! They love saying, "You wanna fight?!?"

  4. I really like your craft! I only tried an idea organizer once with Anna, and she was very intrigued by it. She still didn't want to write anything but contributed "thinking points" to the web.

  5. Thanks for the ideas. My son is young but he would like the lady bug plate craft. We love all of Eric Carle's books. I work at Kohl's so we have them all. Not only is it a great deal, 100% the proceeds go to local children charities in your area. Its the Children's Hospital where I live. So not only is it a great deal its for a good cause.

  6. I love the webbing. I used to do research with first graders using webs. We used Inspiration. It is a great piece of software to webbing.

    You did an awesome job. Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  7. I love that book. My favorite part is how long it takes the ladyug to fly past the whale. Great idea to use the webs. I have used webbing with my daughter for homeschool to gather thoughts for writing activities.

  8. Incredible price for such great books. I love the craft activity!

  9. We like this book too and I love your ladybird - great zigzag legs :)