Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I heart this letter game

For a fun way to practice letter recognition, try this singing game.
Write letters on heart cut outs. (I only used 3 different letters.)
As you sing this song, guide your child to pick up the correct letter and place it in the basket.

Letter Hearts
(Tune: 10 Little Indians)
Pick up 's' hearts and put them in the basket.
Pick up 's' hearts and put them in the basket.
Pick up 's'hearts and put them in the basket.
Put the 's' *hearts in the basket.

*You can use the letter name or the letter sound- whichever you are working on with your child.
You could follow up by reading or chanting together this nursery rhyme:
A tisket, a tasket a green and yellow basket,
I wrote a letter to my _________,
and on the way I dropped it.

Let the child fill in new names each time you sing it.


  1. I love learning songs. I am like so obsessed with them (hair flip).

    Feel free to link this up to Writer's World because you definitely need letter recognition to write :)

    Thanks for your many great ideas!

  2. this is so awesome!! I love learning new ways of using songs I already know!!

    Thank you so much for sharing on 'we teach'--

  3. Oh wow, this is great! I'm so glad to have found your blog through The Activity Mom's facebook page. Definitely a follower now.

  4. Fabulous! Love learning songs!! Thanks for sharing! Kerri