Summer time!!!

After I wrote a review of Mrs. Muddle’s Holidays, I received a message from the author, Laura Nielsen. As a book lover, your heart gives a little pitter-patter when you hear from a real author!!I was so impressed that she took the time to thank me for my review. Along with her note, she sent a link to her website, The website lists each of Mrs. Muddle’s holidays from the book along with some notes from the author. This month was “Let’s pretend it’s summer day.” Mrs. Nielesen stated that she only had to name the holiday in the book, the illustrator, Tom Yezerski did all the imagining of the holiday and filled two pages with detailed pictures of people celebrating the holiday.
Since Februrary has been a looooong month of mostly snow and cold temperatures, we decided to do our own interpretation of “Let’s pretend it’s summer day”.
We set up our tents in the living room

And we set up our swimming pool in the kitchen

We had a lot of fun playing in our tents and playing in the ball pit. It made us wish summer could come just a little faster!
What about you? Are you wishing winter away and for summer to stay or are you enjoying these cold winter months?
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    This looks like lots of fun. I did a lenspage for Squidoo about ideas on how to have some summer fun in the winter based on some things we did around our house. We set up a tent and had a bunch of toys with little swimming pools filled with water in our kitchen. I even had my kids put on their swimsuits and pretend our bathtub was a pool. Such fun!