Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cat Tricks with The Cat in the Hat

The cat in the hat (I can read it all by myself)Tricks. The Cat in the Hat knows A LOT about THAT! The Cat in the hat certainly has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and he is more than happy to show them to Sally and her brother when they are left alone for a day.

You know, the cat in the hat isn't the only one with a lot of tricks up his sleeves. My boys love to show off their tricky tricks too.

Logan can jump.

Logan can stand on one foot.

Logan can turn upside down.

Tyson can too.

I decided to turn these pictures into a book created just for Logan.(I made one for Tyson too) I titled the book, Logan Can. On each page, I put a picture of him doing a trick and I wrote,

 Logan can run.
 Logan can clap.
Logan can build.

This is a great way to introduce several early learning skills like,
- Recognizing own name in text
-Recognizing the sight word "can"
-Using picture cues
-Using left to right directionality in text
-Understanding punctuation

Early writers could even write their own book using this format-- for very beginning writers, consider having your child just contribute the part they know. Does the child  know how to write his name? Great. Let your child start each sentence and allow him to watch you finish up the rest of the sentence. By the end of the story, your child will probably want to try and write some new words!

I was inspired to write this post after reading an activity idea called Cat Tricks at Seussville.com. The activity lists all kinds of tricks kids could try to do like:
Can you curl your tongue?
Can you recite the alphabet backwards?
Can you spell Lorax?
and more!
Those would all be great time killers if you're stuck in traffic or a doctor's waiting room!

Do you have any great tricks? As the children ask at the end of the story, "What would you do if your mother asked you?"

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  1. I love your kids trick too. Thanks for sharing. Check out my counting activities -http://blog.memetales.com/2011/03/counting-activities-kids-craft/

  2. This looks like the kind of reading and writing that goes on in our home! Personalized early literacy. Love it! :)