Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In a Reading Rut? Switch it up this Spring!

*** Yawn*** Have you ever fallen asleep during bedtime reading? (I'm not naming any names but someone I know VERY WELL used to fall asleep during bedtime reading when I was a kid.. and it wasn't my dad. )
Do try to distract your child  when he brings you that "favorite" book that you've read 1,000 times too often?
Sometimes you need a fresh routine and spring is the perfect time to bring some freshness.
  • Try visiting a new section of the library. If you frequently check out fiction books, give non-fiction a try. If you are stuck on picture books, branch out to chapter books.
  • Invite your child to try new books by putting books in visible locations or inviting environments. Try grouping your books together in an interesting subject. For instance, my oldest loves fish. I put some fish books into a summer pail and left it near the back door. I told him we could read some of those books out on the deck. He was more than willing to try them out!
  • I saw this great idea on Teach Mama to put all of your library books out for a book parade. By spotlighting new library books, your child might be willing to try out a fresh pick.
  • Use your acting abilities. My dad used to have the BEST Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear voices. A new book might not seem that interesting to your child but if they hear you reading it in a silly way, they may want to take a listen.
  • Bring out the sillies on an old favorite. If you are tired of the same old, same old book, try switching it up. Read some of the words wrong... chances are your child has the book memorized and will love having the opportunity to "correct" your mistakes.
  • Build background by doing a book talk or a picture walk of the book before reading the book. When a child knows he will be successful on a book, he is more likely to try it out.
  • Do an online search to find if your latest book pick has a book trailer. Similar to a movie trailer, a book trailer is a video clip that introduces new books to readers. Using video is a fun way to switch up a book talk.
While it's fun to be able to switch up reading time, remember that reading the old favorites time and time again is still a beneficial way to build reading skills. The repetition and "memory reading" will help your child develop concepts about print and will also build fluency. Although, you may need a cup of coffee just before bedtime reading. ** Yawn**

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  1. These are wonderful ideas, Jackie! Truly. Changing it up can inject some enthusiasm for everyone. I used to get so sleepy some nights when I read aloud to my son, and it was only when I tiredly passed the book to him to hold one night that I discovered he could read!

    As well as trailers, I think Youtube videos can be a useful way to introduce a new book to kids. Many stories have been animated or we can find someone reading them aloud. Having lots of ideas and tools in our reading bag certainly helps!

  2. So nice to find your blog! I"m now following!


  3. Great ideas!! I love the idea of visiting a new section at the library. We usually stick to the children's picture book section every week, but last week we ventured into the non-fiction and my daughter loved the "real" pictures and stories. We now are reading a "Shamu" (oraca whale) book daily:)Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you'll come back!

    Angie @

  4. The blog is very good!

  5. These tips are awesome. I love the idea of rotating featured books. We tend read the same books over and over.

    I hope we don't get to 15 toys!