Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing Prompts for Favorite Fairy Tale, fairy tales, writing prompts, writing prompts for fairy tales, fairy tale writing, writer's workshopIn looking through some binders of stuff from college, I found a few fun ways to extend the fairy tale Cinderella. I wish I knew where this list orginated. I found the list in notes from a class. I don't even know which class!! I think these ideas would be lots of fun, but they needed some updates. At the end of the post, I have some updated ways to extend the story of Cinderella. I'd love if you leave a comment and share your ideas.

After reading the fairy tale Cinderella:

Write a letter to "Dear Abby" from Cinderella while she was a Cinder girl and then create Abby's reply.
Create an invitation to the ball.
Write a newspaper headline and article for the ball from a tabloid.
Write and illustrate directions to the palace.
Write a script for a play or TV program based on the story.
Create an advertisement for glass slippers.
Write a thank you note to the Fairy Godmother.
Plan a bridal shower for Cinderella.
Write a menu and recipes for a royal wedding.
Develop and write a legal argument claiming bullying of Cinderella by her step-mothers and step-sisters.
Create a wedding album of the wedding.
Ok, reader friends. Here is your writing assignment:
Write a tweet from the prince after he found the glass slipper.
Write a status update from Cinderella after she got home from the ball.

I can't wait to see your creativity shine!

If you are looking for other ways to use writing to extend the reading of favorite tales, check out this post from Layers of Learning. The authors share prompts such as:
What if the wolf had really been the good guy in Little Red Riding Hood?
How would Goldilocks and the Three Giraffes go?
and more!

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  1. Love these! And thanks for the link. Everytime I read your posts I just wish we were next door neighbors. You have such great ideas.