Thursday, May 19, 2011

Elephant Art

I wanted to expose Logan to a variety of texts about elephants this week. We chose both fiction and nonfiction books about elephants. Two of our favorite books were Elephants Can Paint Too (nonfiction) and Elmer (fiction). See my reviews here.
After reading both books (several times). We had a short conversation about "real" versus "pretend". It was suprising to Logan that real elephants could paint. (Ok, it was suprising to me too). We also talked about things real elephants do-- like eat, take baths, etc. Then we talked about Elmer. Elmer could talk, real elephants can't talk, etc.

I decided to combine the two books to create one art project this week. We began by painting cardboard like elephants. I was inspired by this post on straw painting at The Chocolate Muffin Tree. I figured a straw could represent an elephant trunk for Logan. We tried blowing through the straw to move the paint on the paper as well as just painting with the straws. (One tip for blowing the paint, if you poke a few small holes in the straw, your child won't suck the paint in.)

Logan also put the straw in his mouth and dipped it in finger paints. Then he tried using the straw (trunk) as a "brush" .

After we painted like real elephants, I cut the painted cardboard into elephant shapes. We then decorated our elephants with stickers and created an elephant parade like the elephants celebrate in Elmer.
Can you spot Elmer?

There he is- all ready for the Elephant Day Parade!

The boys liked playing with their elephants!
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  1. What fun!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun making those!

  2. I love how these came out and Elmer is one of the books we really enjoy reading here!

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  4. This is fabulous! So glad to inspire! Thanks for sharing!

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