Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scribble Happy

Sometimes I guess I am lucky to have walls in my house that are still "under construction".
Today we are building up our prewriting muscles by painting
big scribbles
on big paper
on a big wall.

We found a fun idea to paint with baby lotion on hubbardscupboard. We've done this on construction paper previously but today, I wanted our focus to be on BIG art. Unfortunately, all I had in the big paper department was WHITE paper.

Tyson didn't care. He was smearing away happily.

Logan lost interest pretty quickly. Until.... I added a tiny drop of food color.

The clean up was simple. It just wiped off with a towel. My baby boys are soft and smell so fresh!

Oh yeah, Tyson did end up looking like a Na'vi (from Avatar)

The finished product wasn't an amazing piece of art, but this activity was more about process than product.

The Write Start: A Guide to Nurturing Writing at Every Stage, from Scribbling to Forming Letters and Writing StoriesI've been inspired while reading the book, The Write Start, by Jennifer Hallissy. Through previous learning in education classes and experience, I had learned to expose children to a wide variety of surfaces for writing, painting, drawing,etc. I have used easels and large paper on the wall and on the floor- but I never thought much about the "why?" behind such practices. Hallissy, who is a professional occupational therapist, explains that children are actually building the shoulder muscles that they need for writing strength later. I've loved all the tips in her books for building these muscles fromwriting on an easel to washing windows.

To my boys, this is just plain fun. To me, I'm helping them become better writers for the future! It's a win-win.
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  1. What a fun day!!!

  2. Very cool! Only...how do you ensure that your kids know this was a "one time only" deal and that they are not thereafter allowed to color on the wall?

  3. Fun! I bet they do smell nice and feel so smooth! :) What a great way to use up those old lotions too!


  4. looks like great fun!
    My kids have always loved it when I get out the REALLY big paper to paint or draw on, and it's a lovely way to encourage them all to share and co-operate!

  5. I really like The Write Start, too. It is some terrific ideas.