Monday, May 2, 2011

What My Three Year Old is Reading

He's three. He likes to dress himself and he thinks he is COOL!
 That's right, folks. I'm now the momma of a THREE year old bookworm. We've been sharing books since he was in the womb and I'm always on the lookout for new books that he would enjoy. Recently, I won a contest on Tiger Tales blog for a free copy of Roly-Poly Egg. It came just in time for Logan's birthday. It couldn't have been a more appropriate selection for a three year old.
Roly-Poly EggRoly-Poly Egg is the story of Splotch, a small red bird who laid a perfect spotted egg. In her excitement, Splotch bumped the egg off the branch. The egg rolled down a giraffe's back and into the meadow with the zebras. The roly-poly egg was saved from the mouth of a crocodile by Emma Elephant. The monkeys passed the egg safely back to Splotch. But then, Splotch's egg hatched into a perfect spotted baby!
Roly-Poly egg has gorgeously bright illustrations. The illustrations are interactive. A gray dotted line traces the adventures of the roly-poly egg as it moves through the book. Logan and I loved the interactive aspect of the book. It's nice to have a print book which invites a similar amount of interactivity that an e-book would offer. As a reading specialist, I enjoyed the movement of the egg. On each page, the egg move either top of the page to bottom of the page or left page to right page. What a fun way to begin introducing those important concepts about print as you share this book with your child.
Since I won this book, it was a gift from the publisher and I was not required to post a review about it. However, this is one of our fave picks for our three year old so I thought I'd recommend it to parents of preschoolers.(If you click on the link and buy from amazon, I could receive a small fee as an Amazon Associate) Thank you to Tiger Tales for sending us this free book and for including a bonus book
My Mom has X-ray vision.
Do you have a favorite interactive book?
We'll be exploring more interactive books this week so come check them out!
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  1. Great review! Sounds like a wonderful book! Will definitely check it out!


  2. Thanks Jackie for this great review. The Roly-Poly Egg is a great book for Easter, but also will engage kids all year long. Thanks for pointing that out. We are so glad that you and your three-yr-old (Happy Birthday to him!) enjoyed it! We are posting a link to your blog on our facebook page.
    Happy Reading,
    Elizabeth Bennett
    tiger tales

  3. Sounds adorable. Would love if you check out my books BUBBLE GUM DREAMS and ELEPHANT SOUP?. If you would like to view them, please visit my website at

    "I Wish You Bubble Gum Dreams"
    Mary Ann Castagnetta - Author

  4. So YOU are the lucky Roly Poly Winner!! THanks for the comment on my I can follow yours!! I am CONSTANTLY looking for new books for Adam and now I have a fellow 3 year old mom to watch for ideas! Happy Reading! Beth

  5. We loved this book that we received from Tiger Tales. It just begs for a project. Anna still enjoys all kinds of interactive "aids" in her books despite the fact that she is 4.5 and a fluent reader. She loves Heads and Tails books (the name of the author escapes me at the moment). Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  6. That's the coolest three-year-old I've seen!

    Roly Poly sounds gorgeous. Like you, I love these picture books that add an interactive element. Have you seen the Follow the Line books by Laura Ljungkvist? Mr Cool is old enough to enjoy them I believe and will continue to enjoy them on different levels as he matures. Really worth a look.