Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to School Book Activity

You can make back to school fun and exciting for your kids with some back to school books and back to school activities. One school-themed book you might enjoy for this back to school season is Follow the Line to School by Laura Ljungkvist.

back to school, outdoor activities, Follow the Line to School. Follow a line as it weaves  left to right across a page, highlighting  letters, words, and numbers as it goes. This book is a wonderful artistic introduction to a full day at school. 
The artwork is gorgeous. There is so much to look at one each page, yet every illustration is clear. The line moves left to right across a page, highlight letters, words, and numbers as it goes. The potential for vocabulary development is available every time you re-read the book. I feel like it's one of those books you can read with your child as he grows.

Book Activity:

After reading Follow the Line to School, I created a yarn scavenger hunt on our back deck. I began by weaving yarn all around the deck. If you have a nice level backyard (I do not), you could just use spots in your yard. At various points around the deck, I attached a clothespin on the yarn. This allowed us to play the game in several different ways.
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When your kids are 1 and 3, it takes a little practice to figure out how to walk and hold on to a line at the same time. Our first time around we just walked around following the line. It was actually quite a hit all on it's own.
back to school ideas, back to school activities, photo. back to school scavenger hunt, early literacy, reading

Before we went around the line path again, I clipped the letters to Logan's name in order. As we found a letter, he got to unclip it and name it.
back to school, outdoor activities

After finding all the letters, we put them together to spell his name. He loved putting his letters in the right order!
back to school ideas, back to school activities,

Finally, we did a little review of the book Follow the Line to School. I wrote a back to school "clue" on the front of each card. These clues were descriptions that I copied right out of the book. Like, "Pick out a book and hear a story." On the back, I wrote the correct location at school. Like, "Library"
back to school ideas, back to school activities, photo. Follow the Line to School Book Activity, early literacy, reading

At each stop, I read the clue and Logan guessed the place at school. He was actually pretty good at it, since we had just gone to Bible School... and we've read the book a lot this week.
back to school ideas, back to school activities, photo. follow the line scavenger hunt, early literacy, reading

If it wasn't HOT here, we would have enjoyed the book outside but we were ready to head back in after this.
If you want a fun back to school idea for your child, play this school clue game. You don't want your kid to be "clueless" about the first day of school.

I'm thinking this will be an often repeated activity. Any suggestions of other things I could put on my line?


  1. How much fun! (It's HOT here too!)

    How about:
    Play follow the leader. = walking down the hall
    Bounce a ball. = gym

    Always love to see children enjoying active learning. Much more fun then sitting and listening!

  2. Oh my what a cute cute game! And love the link to the book. PERFECT!

    Great idea for this summer. Will keep the kids buzzing!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. What a fun idea. I think it could be great on a cold day - with actions on each peg. So the kids could follow the line and then do 5 star jumps, then 6 hops and so on. Outside active play. Thanks for sharing this at the Play Academy.

  4. this is an AWESOME idea! Brilliant! I love the different ideas you came up with - very well tied into the book. We have anything BUT a flat yard, but I'm going to try to figure out a way to do this. I am very impressed!!

  5. What a great idea for encouraging literacy! Thank you for being part of the Smart Summer Challenge!