Thursday, July 7, 2011

H is for Hiking in our own backyard

Until Monday, I had never walked to the edge of our backyard. Mostly because the "path" to get there looks like this...

Monday evening Greg talked me into taking the boys for a hike in our own backyard. The once winding "country" road behind our house has been removed and is being replaced with a "safer road".

 That's the old road above. The new road is bigger, much, much bigger. Just take a look at that pile of dirt that has been brought in to build up the new road.
 This will be the new road. We call it the super-highway.
 At least the "super-highway" will still have pretty view like this one.
 The old road-- that is now our backyard--- provides a fun hiking spot.(After you track down the mountain  really big hill to get to it.)
 The boys got to walk through mud, sand, dirt, gravel, climb rocks, play in puddles, look at a "bear cave"...
I took this picture standing on the old road. Greg is standing on the new road!!

 They sort of had a blast!
 And although they were brave little explorers, they did learn that no matter how independent they get, daddy will always be there to support them when they are falling...
 and carry them when they can't make it on their own!

By the way, this hill... I climbed straight up it with an 1 1/2 year old clinging to my back. That should be an event on The Biggest Loser!!

We are enjoying our Summer A to Z activities. Come back tomorrow to see an inquiry-based language activity that blossomed from this playtime.
The boys are playing

It's Playtime at hands on : as we grow

smart summer button '11

and developing independence

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  1. What fun!! Sammy would have loved to be around all that dirt!

  2. I love this post! How fun to have this right in your yard. JDaniel would be there everyday.

  3. I can't imagine having a backyard like yours - it must be awesome.