Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Table Across the Room

Last weekend we attended a wedding of a sweet couple. They were that couple that just fits well together. You wish them a lifetime of happiness that you somehow already know they will have. (And I'm not just saying nice stuff because the bride told me her sister reads my blog-- Hi, Renee's sister-- they do seem like an amazing couple).
As I was sitting at the table relaxing chasing my boys through the banquet room, I noticed a table across the room. Since the groom grew up in my hometown, the faces were familiar. We stopped at the table to talk.  As I made my way around the table, something struck me. All of these people had made an impact in my life-- many as teachers.
My elementary art teacher was sitting at the table with her husband. Not only did she survive teaching me elementary art (I think I was fine-motor challenged as a child), she and her husband were active members in my church. She set an example at both church and school.
Then there was my GA leader. (Girls in Action, which probably means nothing to you unless you grew up Southern Baptist). She taught me about the world and those in it who were in need. She taught me how to love the people in my neighborhood and to serve them well.
My 10th grade Sunday School Teacher and his wife were sitting at the table too. They are still one of the nicest couples I know. He volunteered for  a class of 10th grade students who were more interested in flirting than learning God's word. He invented out a "Sunday School Homework Challenge". I remember one thing for sure, I won the challenge! I remember something else, though, I spent more time my sophmore year of high school reading my Bible than any other year of high school.
Oh, and let's not forget the dreamy Steve Zoll. He was aforementioned art teacher's son. He was a teenager when I was a little girl and I may have had a small crush. Every single one of my friends had the same crush. We were all going to grow up and marry Steve Zoll. We didn't worry about the details of that, nor did it bother us one bit that that our teenage babysitter was already dating him (sister wives?).  I'm not sure if that counts as impact, but it's humorous-- at least to me.
My amazing co-teacher, Dana.
This weekend I am "recovering" from an exhausting week of teaching Vacation Bible School. I spent Monday through Friday morning teaching Bible Story to preschoolers. Yes, my blog was neglected. My housework? Neglected. My sleep schedule? Also neglected.
But throughout the week, when I became tired of juggling mommy work and bible school teacher work, I tried to think about that table across the room. I imagined being at that table when some of my friend's kids get married.  I tried to pay  forward just a few of  the blessings that others have already poured into my life.
So, if you are a teacher-- at school, church, or home-- please, have a seat at my table. Relax with a cup of coffee, or indulge in a piece of red velvet wedding cake. And let me say, "Thank You" for what you are doing. There may be kids who never get a chance to say "thank you". Today, though, I want you to know, your job does matter. Your gift is appreciated. You are valued.

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