Friday, July 29, 2011

Write Your Heart Out

These little pocket sized notebooks are on sale this week at Walgreens for .19 with the in-coupon ad. I'm not a couponing expert. I depend on other bloggers to do that work for me! I don't know if this deal is only in St. Louis, but if you get a chance, snatch some of these up. The coupon is good for 3 per shopping visit. I thought I'd share 3 things you could do with these little notebooks. They have the notebooks, the top flip notebooks, and the mini composition notebooks to choose from.

1. Play restaurant. These notebooks just scream, "Take orders on me!" How fun would this be for your little waiter to tuck in his apron. Even a scribbler can write his orders out-- or even draw pictures.

2. Scribble it up while waiting. If you are stuck in a waiting room or even a lengthy grocery store line, this tiny notebooks pass time like crazy. Just don't forget to give your child a prized writing utensil to accompany the notebook. For my son, it's a pen that clicks. I recently gave Logan a notebook like this an a clickable pen while we were at a doctor appointment. The entire time I talked to the doctor, all I heard was "click. scribble. scribble. click. click." The doctor finally looked down and said, "My, he is proud of that pen!"

3. Make a diary. I stole this idea off my grandma-- but it's not like she has a blog. She should. It would rock. But I'd have to be there every day providing tech support.
So, when I was in fifth grade, my Grandma gave me a pocket sized notebook that she had covered with fabric and added decorations. It must have been the perfect size for fifth grade secrets because it's the only diary I have from childhood that is written in consistantly.

And let me tell you, folks, I wrote the really important things like this page

February 5, 1989
Dear Diary,
Today was one of the best days in sunday school. Mean old Mr. Eddie was pretty nice. The room was a total desaster but the girls and I cleaned it up and made the boys behave.

(Author's note: Mr. Eddie is really not mean or old. He's my facebook friend now, so I better be careful what I say about him!)

Go check for this deal at your local Walgreens. It's under 20 cents and it could be a great investment in your child's writing!


  1. lovely to find you on blogfrog and am loving your blog! i am a primary teacher myself with a child starting school in spetember and a child with special needs at a special school about to start yr 1 not to mention my 18 month old so reading is high on the agenda! am loving reading your ideas and now your newest follower!

  2. Love your diary entry! You know in 1989 I was in the middle of college already, but still had a diary :)

  3. Hahahahahah!!!! And "mean old" Mr. Eddie is still teaching my kids- oh wait, this was Alex's last week with him and he is very sad.
    Can you even begin to imagine the things Grandma could write about?