Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Review: Books for Life's Experiences

Starting a new school year, adding a new sibling to the family, moving to a new neighborhood... growing up offers plenty of opportunities to experience change. Finding a book to match your child's experiences can be a helpful way to navigate those changes. We recently had the opportunity to review several new books from Groundwood Books. I noticed that several of them mirrored experiences that face not just our family, but many of families of young children.

This New Baby by Teddy Jam, illustrated by Virginia Johnson Most families of young children have had a chance to add a baby to the mix. This new book from Groundwood Books illustrates a poem that was originally published in 1998. The poetry and the pictures illustrate the love of parents for their new baby. The poetry is soothing and would be great to read aloud to a newborn while feeding or cuddling.

Caramba and HenryCaramba and Henry by Marie-Louise Gay This is the second book in a series about flying cats. The main character, a cat named Caramba, however, can't fly. The worst part of this is that Caramba has a little brother. A little brother, Henry, who can fly! Not only can he do something that Caramba can't, Caramba is supposed to keep up with him. Unfortunately, Henry is a somewhat mischievious little brother who has no intention of listening to Caramba-- or staying with him. In the end, Caramba is rewarded in a special way for his wonderful work as a big brother.
Flying cats might not sound relevant but many of you may have a mischievious face like this at your house.

For an older brother, learning how to deal with that pesky little brother can be tricky. This book is a good reminder that being a good big brother is an important task.

A Few BlocksA Few Blocks by Cybele Young Have you been struggling to get your less than eager student out the door for school each morning? In A Few Blocks, Viola is struggling to get her little brother Fergie to leave for school. By using her imagination, she is able to convince him to travel the few blocks to their school. They arrive at school by way of rocket blaster boots, on a ship searching for buried treasure, and by defeating a dragon along the way. The switch from reality to fantasy probably makes this book more appropriate for school aged children.

Disclosure: I received free review copies of these books from the publisher in exchange for my review.
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What books have you used to navigate the experiences of life?


  1. All these books sound wonderful, especially the second title. We really like Stella series by the same author. We also loved Usborne First Experiences series. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  2. I would really like to check out that Caramba and Henry Book. I haven't heard of it, but I love the author. Having two mischievious boys, it sounds quite relevant!

  3. All these books are new to me. Thanks for sharing on Book Sharing