Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Review: Limelight Larry

Oh no! It looks like Limelight Larry has hacked Ready. Set. Read! and posted a review of his book, Limelight Larry.*

Dear Readers,
I wrote a book. You should buy it. It was about a peacock named Limelight Larry. Yes, that is me. Or should I say, it was SUPPOSED to be a book about a peacock. I was going to strut around. I was going to show off. I know it doesn't sound like much of a plot, but it was going to be fantastic. Amazing. "The bees knees with a cherry on the top". Do you like that quote? It's from my book. I told you it was amazing.
There was just one little problem with the book. One reason, that I hesitated to recommend this book to you, dear reader. The problem began with a little mouse. He invaded my book. He stole the spotlight from me. And it didn't end there, my friend. The book got even worse. A bird joined him. And then an elephant, and a wolf, a bear and more until the book was completely cluttered.
It would have been a total loss. It would have been silly. I would have been smooshed into corner with crumpled feathers. I knew my loyal fans wanted a book about peacocks. I knew you wanted to see ME. I threw a big fit. I kicked everyone out of my book. I strutted around. I showed off. Then, I may have gotten a little scared. I may have missed my friends. I may have given in and let those critters back into my book... but not for long. I turned it around. I gave you the ending of your dreams.
Since the book is mostly about me, you should probably come read it. It is getting wonderful reviews all over the web. I promise, I'm not writing all of them.
Limelight Larry

* Ok, ok. This review was actually written by me, Jackie. It was my take on what Limelight Larry would say if he did write a post on my blog. Larry, if you want to guest post, I'll let you have the whole post all to yourself. I won't make you share the spotlight! I was provided a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinions. (or Larry's honest opinion?)

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  1. I've seen this book on a few blogs now. I really should check it out.

  2. We're glad Limelight Larry entertained you! (We're sure he was happy to.)

    We would love it if you could also share your review on our website,!

    Sarah Prial
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