Easy Halloween Activities That’ll Spook You!

Happy Halloween!

Footprint Ghosts and Candy Corn

Due to this blog being interrupted by a World Series Win, I’m just getting my Halloween Tot activities posted. Hopefully they are easy enough that you can enjoy them today… or let the spooky fun live on all week.
To me, there’s nothing spookier than a spider. I found a bag of 100 plastic spiders at Target this year, and the spooky fun began!
 Tyson (21 months)  enjoyed playing with this spider slime bag.

 Plastic spiders + green handsanitizer. (It’s doesn’t look green in the photo)

I copied the idea from Hands On: As We Grow’s slimy eyes bag. She used google eyes and orange hair gel. I happened to have a thing of hand santizier lying around. I think you could use any gel, soap, sanitizer, whatever you have lying around.

Logan ( age 3) played Spider on the Shape– to the tune of “If You’re Happy and you Know it”
“There’s a spider on the square (on the square)
There’s a spider on the square (on the square)
There’s a spider on the square and he’s moving here and there,
There’s a spider on the square (on the square).”
I got this song from Hubbard’s Cupboard.
Then we moved our spider to another shape and repeated. If you don’t have a plastic spider, try using a pom pom on a cut out spider.

After we practiced our shapes, we made shape spider webs. I had premade the shapes out of popsicle sticks so the glue would dry. If your kids are more patient than mine, you could let them glue it and wait for the glue to dry. Then we picked a shape we wanted to use, wound string around it, and glued on a plastic spider.  We hung these in our window. Creepily enough, a real spider (that looked just like the plastic ones) spun a web right outside the window. Greg (my husband) said the real spider was trying to hook up. 😉

We also tweezed spiders into icecube trays and Tyson practiced pouring and dumping spiders into cups.
I found the idea for tweezing spiders at Living Montessori Now. (along with a bunch of easy Halloween activities).

The best thing that we did, though, was to reinact Little Miss Muffet.

We made a “Tuffet” out of an ottoman and pillows. We also used our awesome spider mask. Here’s a video…

I love that Tyson (aka. Little Miss Muffet) screams in fright!

Do you have a spooky Halloween activity to share? Leave a comment or leave a link in the comments, I’d love to come see what you’re doing!

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    Oh Jackie…I just love it all, especially the video. So cute!!

    I would love it if you would link this to my linky party Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land.

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    wow so many spider ideas! I particularly love the spider web you made with pop sticks and wool, my 3 year old would love that. Thanks for sharing.