Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Slugs & Bugs Under Where?

We were in the Walmart checkout lane when Logan started singing. LOUDLY. I looked around, a little embarrassed. I know, I know, it's generally cute when a three year old sings. What was embarrassing was the content of the song. "There's a hole in my sock, a hole in my sock, what am I would do" * As people glanced at this little boy forced to wear holey socks, he sang louder and louder.
Back on aisle four, the concert had begun with gusto. Logan was singing a different tune back there. Singing about something more holy than holey socks, he belted out, "God made you special and he loves you, he loves you. God made you special and he loves you, he loves you very much." Hurried shoppers had paused to smile. I wondered if they were smiling not only at the cute singing three year old but also at the truth of that song.
 Logan learned these songs, in only a few days, from an album I preordered called Slugs and Bugs Under Where? This children's album,written and sung by Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson, is our second Slugs and Bugs album. Last December, Jessica wrote a review of the first two Slugs and Bugs as a guest post of Ready. Set. Read! We loved that album and snatched  this one up as soon as it came out. The second album doesn't disappoint. It is filled with equally great music and great laughs.Some of our favorites are "I'm adopted" (since we've experienced physical adoption in my sister's family... and I pray that my kids experience the joy of spiritual adoption), "The Wagon Song" (There's roaring, my baby loves to roar), and Pajama Drama( "I've got to find my momma. Someone call Obama. There are no pajamas here in my top drawer.")
 The songs are reminiscent of Veggie Tales silly songs. (And in fact, Randall Goodgame has written songs for Veggie Tales- no wonder the similiarities). My kids are at the young age of still being a little freaked out by singing produce and often ask me to turn off VeggieTales. They can handle the silliness of singing dads on Slugs and Bugs, though. Probably because they have a silly singing daddy.
Standing in the checkout lane at Walmart, it hit me. These songs well reflect who we want to be as a family. While we love to laugh together and enjoy life, we want our faith in Christ to be infused into the fabric of our family. A part of Slugs and bugs mission statement from their website says,
Slugs & Bugs is for kids and parents.  Our children need to learn that life with Jesus is a life of joy and celebration, and we parents need to remember that very same thing.  Slugs & Bugs aims to provide a context for parents and kids to learn and remember together the joy of life in Christ, while also having a super-great time with silly songs about grizzly bears that don't wear underwear.
And so I let Logan continue on with his tirade on holey socks. Most customers seemed fine with it, except for the scowl on one woman's face that seemed to be saying, "Darn it!"
Slugs and Bugs is in stores now! You can purchase a copy at any Family Christian Store.You can also pick it up at their online store.

You can hear several of their songs on their YouTube Channel. Tractor Tractor is a favorite from the first album.

Disclosure: We purchased this Slugs and Bugs album and I wrote this review out of my sheer love of spreading good music. This is not a sponsored post.
*The actual lyrics of "There's a hole in my sock"
"There's a hole in my sock, a hole in my sock. What am I to do?"
 (Those written above were a three year old's interpretation)

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