Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Books 2011- #9- Grandpa Green

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith is a story told through topiary. (I've never seen that before). A young boy walks through his great Grandpa's topiary garden which tells Grandpa Green's life story. Looking a the topiaries, he learns a story about a bygone era. He learns about a time with no cell phones, no computers, no television... a long, long time ago. The topiaries tell Grandpa's lifestory, a love story, and the story of a war hero. Although Grandpa now has a hard time remembering, the garden remembers the important stuff for him.
Before reading this book, I had read a lot of reviews of the book. I thought that it might be too sad. In contrast, I think the adults are the ones who are going to be saddened and nostalgic by this book---especially if they have lost a favorite grandparent. For kids, I think this book can be more about building special memories and telling family stories in creative ways. Who knows, your kids might be surprised to know that you grew up in a time without facebook or cell phones. This book could be a great way to get conversations going with your kids about your own family history.
This book was originally reviewed on November 9 along with my Family Trivia Game post.
This book was really enjoyed by my boys this year. It earns a place in our best of 2011 list, though, because momma adored this book! You can check out our entire list of best of 2011 books on my Best of 2011 pinterest board.
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